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Zen Den – The Concept

ZenDen is a revolutionary prefabricated, modular portable structure, the use of which is left unto one's imagination. Zen Den is an extended living space that one can use on a terrace of an existing house, a farm, or an estate. Zen Den is designed efficiently to accommodate living area storage, pantry, dining table/ work table, and a toilet.

Zen Den has been designed to address the issue of sustainability and sensitivity to the surrounding environment that plagues our planet today. It stems from minimalism at the root level and is a concept that transcends the frontiers of trend and fashion. 

It is a philosophy that stems from the Japanese Wabi Sabi’s aesthetic. It is an undefined personal space to retreat, rejuvenate, and rejoice in, a space that is inspiring, creative, and functional at the same time.

Zenden was started by Supersan Shelters Pvt Ltd. Supersan Shelters Pvt. Ltd. was formed by the founders with the goal of providing products with cutting edge technology that has the potential to be disruptive, sustainable, innovative, and new age and with perspectives that changes the way we look at things for the better of mankind. Sustainable ways to build, Modularity, and offering Integrated Sustainable Prefab solutions are at the forefront of their exploration as a company.


Ar. Anshul Chodha

He is the Principal Architect of Sanctuary architects. An Alumni of MIT, Manipal, founded Sanctuary Architects and Designers in Bangalore in  August 2003 with the primary offerings of architecture and spatial design in diverse sectors. Sanctuary has been involved in various prestigious projects that range from Hospitality,  Residential to Commercial both in architecture and interior design.

Anshul and Sanctuary are committed to working on new design approaches and solutions that are truly sustainable and changing fixed mindsets on design, materials, construction,  technologies, and lifestyles, and most importantly committed to looking at ways to give design accessibility to the common man and making a difference to society at large. Their new portable home concept ‘Zen Den’ is a project that is aimed at achieving the same. Sanctuary has won several design awards amongst which are Five National Awards. Sanctuary Office was shortlisted among ten finalists in the Office space category for the World  Architecture Festival in Berlin in November 2017 and also won a National IIID Award in the Office  Spaces Category in 2017. Sanctuary’s latest bar project ‘Kazé’ won a National Award in the hospitality category at the IIID Awards 2019.

Dr. Shuba Dharmana

A Cosmetic Dermatologist by profession and running two successful clinics under Lejeune Medspa in Bangalore and Hyderabad is a passionate entrepreneur who likes to dream big.  Her passion for aesthetics, lifestyle, real estate, and interiors have made her follow her vision in coming up with Supersan Shelters Pvt Ltd with a focus on modularity, innovation, and unique concepts.

To provide sustainable, Design centric integrated solutions and products that are modular and unique solutions for everybody.

To make planet earth self-sustainable.

To have a deep respect for nature and Mankind and to evolve as a human race.

Unique Features;

High resale value
Quick assembly time
Less depreciation than a conventional structure


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